Flea Control for Dogs & Cats

September 22, 2009

Flea Control is essential for pets year-round.  This is especially important in California where the fleas live year round, and never really die during the “winter.”

Prescription flea control available from your veterinarian is superior to the products available over the counter at the grocery store.

American Animal Care Center guarantees our prices on all flea control and we guarantee the product.  This comes with all of the manufacturer warranties.

Flea Products available include:

Advantage – kills fleas only

Advantix – kills fleas, ticks, & mosquitoes, DO NOT use in Cats!

Frontline Plus – kills fleas & ticks

Revolution – kills fleas, ear mites, helps with heartworm, & mange

Comfortis – a beef flavored monthly pill that prevents fleas, without topicals.

Here is a video from the staff at American Animal Care Center


One Response to “Flea Control for Dogs & Cats”

  1. how to get rid of lice Says:

    I tell you our family had a HORRIBLE case of the fleas a few years ago, and we were all pretty much walking around with plastic baggies over our feet…they were EVERY WHERE….and nothing we tried would kill the little pests, but finally what ended up working for us was to sprinkle some flea powder into the carpets, and just leave it there for like 3 days, this takes the oxygen out of the air for them and suffocates them…

    Then they are dead a few days later, you can vaccum the suckers up…and it worked!! No more fleas after that. But it was horrible to go through that experience! GROSS!


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