Pet’s need teeth cleaning

May 29, 2008

Pet’s have teeth too. Infact, a pet’s teeth are his hands. This is what he uses to pick up everything when eating. Unfortunately, most pets do not get the dental care they deserve. 85% of all pets have periodontal infection. Think about it…your dog doesn’t see the dentist, doesn’t brush, doesn’t floss, and eats soft cereal. What do you expect?

All dogs and cats should have there teeth brushed. If you can’t do it or your pet won’t allow it, then you should have his teeth cleaned regulary. Some pets need to have there teeth cleaned every year and a few every six months. The smaller the dog-the greater the chance of having teeth problems.

Bad teeth cause bad organs. The body has to filter all that junk that comes off the teeth. If your dog has a sewer mouth, he probably has an infection in his liver, heart, or kidney. Have your pet’s teeth cleaned today…it is the best money you spent in ensuring your pet lives a long life. The veterinarian told me it prolongs life by 2 years and I believe it. It also is a bonus that there is no smell from the mouth! I now enjoy the licks and signs of affection from my pets.

Here is the link for more information regarding dental care:

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