Spay or Neuter may be the first and only surgery your pet may have!

May 22, 2008

Did you know that a spay or neuter may be the only surgery your pet may have? I had my pet neutered at the American Animal Care Center in Fremont, CA a few months ago. Spaying and neutering is very helpful for your pet’s health and temperament. You have many choices when it comes to neutering yor pet. I recommend that when you neuter your pet, it is best to compare what you are getting. Some veterinarians won’t recommend pain medications or IV fluids. American Animal Care Center gives you an itemization of everything your pet gets and what services are providing. They have safe and comfort packages to ensure that your pet’s first and perhaps only surgery will be very successful.

Here is the link for the spays and neuters done at American Animal Care Center. I found this page very helpful in preparing for my pet’s surgery:

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