Why American Animal Care Center beats the competition

April 30, 2008

When comparing veterinary hospitals, one has to look at what is the difference between the hospitals. I analyzed all of the hospitals in the Tri-City area and I came up with the following analysis based on facts. These are questions you need to ask when selecting your pet hospital:

1. How long has the hospital been established?
American Animal Care Center has been established over 21 years. It is family owned and the second generation has taken over where the first generation left off. There are some fly by operations but they have not tested the time. Others are corporate owned veterinary hospitals and they lack the personal touch. They are numbers focused and see you as a number.

2. How many clients do they have?
American Animal Care Center has over 56,000 clients and over 90,000 patients.

3. Visit the facility and see if there are any actual customers.
There has not been a time where I have been to American Animal Care Center and I have not seen multiple customers and pets. Many hospitals are part time facilities. They don’t have many clients.

4. Are there abundant staff members in the facililty?
If a hospital doesn’t have enough staff members, don’t expect them to be able to care for your pet properly. The veterinarian alone can only do so much. If there is not an abundant amount of support staff you can forget that your pet will be properly cared for. American Animal Care Center employs staff members every day of the year including weekends, evenings, and holiday. There are multiple veterinarians, technicians, veterinary assistants, receptionists, attendants, kennel staff, cleaning staff, and janitors.

5. Is there care after 6pm? What about on weekends?
Many veterinarians close up there shop and leave the pets unattended overnight. There is no one present to monitor the pets or take care of them. American Animal Care Center always has a veterinarian on the premises at ALL times.

6. Is the hospital American Animal Hospital Associate accredited? http://www.healthypet.com/
The state has very minimal requirements and many low quality hospitals meet the minimum requirements set by the state. AAHA is a special organization that goes above and beyond the state requirements and recognizes the top 10% of hospitals in the country. American Animal Care Center is an AAHA hospital and has the highest accredidation possible of a full four years.

7. Are there multiple doctors who can get second opinions from each other?
It is very important to go to a facility that has many veterinarians. This allows the veterinarians to bounce idea off each other and to consult on cases. Furthermore, each veterinarian has his or her own interests. Some veterinarians are excellent surgeons but are not so interested in Dermatology (skin diseases). Other veterinarians love internal medicine but loathe surgery. Having a diverse staff and multiple veterinarians is good for your pet.

8. Do they offer emergency care, evening or weekend care?
Many veterinarians are not available when you need them. They make you go to the local emergency clinic which charges an arm and a leg. The prices are exorbitant and they keep shuttling you back and forth. American Animal Care Center is one stop shopping! They are available all of the time to see your pet.

9. Do they have access to veterinary specialists?
Many smaller practices can not afford to hire specialists to consult. American Animal Care Center retains several specialists at all times to consult on complicated cases or surgeries.

10. Are they affordable?
Many hospitals just charge too much. American Animal Care Center price shops the competition and guarantees the best price. Checkups here cost a little less than $30.

11. Do the veterinarians see a large volume of cases?
Some local veterinarians claim to be perfect. Well, perfect means that you don’t do much! If anyone says they are perfect that means they only see a very few patients, they don’t do anything more than shots or limited medical and surgical work. The perfect veterinarian is one with minimal experience or the kind that passes the buck. The veterinarians at AACC have seen a large variety of cases and many complex cases. They are not afraid to take on the “risky cases”and they are willing to fix many of these cases that the other practices gave up on. This volume of cases that a veterinarian must see to become proficient is very important. This is what separates the men from the boys. Many veterinarians shy away from anything that seems a little complex and they pass the buck for the next guy to figure out.

12. Does the practice have an ultrasound? Are any of the regular veterinarians trained to use or interpret ultrasound?
Ultrasound can be used to examine organs without surgery. It is almost like performing exploratory surgery without even seeing the pet.

13. Do they have low cost vaccination and spay/neuter programs?
Lets face it, vaccinations and spay/neuters are basic commodoties that all pets need. Why do some veterinarians make it so expensive and so hard to attain for many pet owners. American Animal Care Center keeps the prices low so that everyone can afford these basic necessities.

14. Do they support local causes and get involved in local programs?
The owners of American Animal Care Center are very active in civic programs, volunteering, and supporting local nonprofit organizations. They give back tens of thousands to the community.

15. Do they subscribe to the Veterinary Information Network (VIN)?
Veterinary Information Network allows veterinarians to get multiple opinions from thousands of specialists and veterinarians all across the United States. The doctors at American Animal Care Center are active participants of VIN and use this modality to consult all of there cases.


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